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Home Baked Bliss of Somerville, Massachusetts, is known for their rich and flavorful homemade baked goods, and are the proud source of sustenance for Ignorant Radio!


      Ignorant Radio is an experiment in unrestrained discussion about any and all topics relevant to the progress of mankind. Our mission is to spark debate and discussion among all listeners by addressing issues that many individuals across the country and the globe may or may not see, and/or may or may not want to talk about.


      Rather than aligning ourselves as a group with left-wing political groups, right-wing political groups, anarchism, fascism, socialism, etc., we align ourselves as a group with humanity, the increasingly large and confused group of warring, conflicting, jealous, fearful, and prideful creatures. We hope that by addressing the symptoms of these issues, we may help to alleviate some of them.


      If these goals prove to be unsuccessful or futile, we will at least have succeeded in spending our Monday nights laughing and having provocative and educational discussions with close friends.

IGNORANT RADIO is the product of a remarkable phenomenon of what some may call "coincidence", others "serendipity", others "manifest destiny", and still others "hindsight". Whatever the fuck it was, it happened and here we are. Here's the story of IGNORANT RADIO...


Paul M McAlarney, an avid writer and independent filmmaker, met Blake Rickerson during the casting call in July 2012 for BLOODY HAMMER FILMS' first feature film, HONKY HOLOCAUST, written and directed by Paul. Blake and Paul became fast friends and recognized one another's outspokenness (hence the title of the anti-racist film, "Honky Holocaust"), defiance of authority, and open-mindedness. Before long, Paul and Blake found themselves engaged in long, hyper-tangential conversations on spirituality, philosophy, capitalism, government, fascism, pharmaceuticals, racism, history, religion, and the list goes on and on.


While casting for HONKY HOLOCAUST continued, Paul met Dave Sullivan and Al Gorithm, who were both cast as Neo-Nazi soldiers in the film. During long sets and behind-the-scenes interview sessions, Paul, Dave, Blake, and Al all recognized one another's insightfulness and mutual habit of questioning what most others take as "fact". But IGNORANT RADIO was not yet born there.


Through social media, namely facebook, Paul, Blake, and Dave became deeply engaged in discussion after discussion, often ignited by an inflammatory post made by Blake. The "two white guys" (Dave and Paul) would often take the bait and find themselves involved in long, heated discussions following Blake's initial post. During one of these long, borderline-militant threads, Paul suggested they start a podcast and recommended that they include technology guru Al Gorithm to help with the technical side of the podcast. Al conceded and planning began.


Only two weeks before recording for the first episode began, Paul was introduced to Glen Harnish through Paul's long-time best friend Greg LaVoie. Glen and Paul wound up standing on the sidewalk in Brookline, MA for over an hour, discussing spirituality, philosophy, filmmaking, writing, pop culture, and politics. Glen asked to be mildly involved in one or more of the projects Paul was overseeing and just over a week later, Glen found himself at the last unrecorded IGNORANT RADIO meeting and was officially invited onboard as a regular member. Glen offered to host the first episode and the rest is history in the making.


- ignorant disclaimer -

"Here at Ignorant Radio, we aim to represent the views and perspectives of the masses, the uninformed, deceived, and neglected many. We do not claim to know what the fuck we are talking about. We are not informed experts, we are average individuals reacting to the world around us. We are ignorant, and these are our thoughts."

                                                                                                                         -The Ignorami


All commentary and original recordings made by Ignorant Radio are in the public domain unless otherwise specified.


This does not include the pre-recorded samples included at the beginning and end of each episode. The credits for these samples are as follows:
      Conflict - "A Declaration of Independence", from It's Time To See Who's Who, Mortarhate Records, 1993, All Rights Reserved
      Crass - "White Punks on Hope", from Stations of the Crass, Crass Records, 1979, All Rights Reserved
      Public Enemy - "Fight The Power", from Fear of a Black Planet, Def-Jam Records, Columbia, 1990, "Do The Right Thing" -
           Official Soundtrack, Motown Records, 1989, All Rights Reserved
      The Film Half Baked - Soundbyte Clip "Fuck you, I'm out", spoken by actor Guillermo Díaz, Universal Pictures, 1998,
           All Rights Reserved
      Delilah - "Tornado Siren II", Uploaded: 10.10.11, License: Attribution 3.0, found and acquired from
      The sound bites from John F. Kennedy's speech and Neil Armstrong's broadcast from the Apollo 11 Lunar exploration are public
           domain, as they have been released by the United States government.


These samples are not the property of Ignorant Radio and are distributed only as historical or contextual examples of the nature of Ignorant Radio broadcasts. Ignorant Radio does not accept any payment for their use of these samples, and makes no attempt to profit financially from them in any way, other than their use as a framing for the context of each original recording. If any entity feels that the uses of these audio samples fall under a "willful infringement" of copyright laws and property rights, please contact Ignorant Radio through to express these claims. It is the belief of Ignorant Radio that the use of these audio samples will not damage in any way the profitability of the artist or the artist's original works, and if anything will encourage listeners to explore the artist and his/her works in a profitable way.